Folk’s I can personally state, Joshua Tree Music festival is one of the great music festivals!!
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the desert is freedom, music is power, & community is crucial.

These independently produced music festivals are held annually in the shadows of the infamous National Park. They are two (of the very few) multi-day campout music festivals in Southern California featuring live music. Music lovers of all ages enjoy this phenomenal live music in an intimate setting and magical surroundings. The spring festival features an eclectic line up of performers; dance-world-electro-funk’n groove. The fall fest differs musically with artists of the more rootsicana-newgrassy-folkadelic realms. The two different musical stylings create distinct audiences at the festivals, but many folks do attend both. The town of Joshua Tree is located in the high desert of the magical Mojave, 50 minutes from Palm Springs, 2.5 hour drive from LA, 3 from San Diego, 3.5 from Vegas, and 5 from Phoenix, at the entrance to the world renowned national park.

A don’t miss event!

Who’s playing at the May Festival

MAY 17-19, 2013
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Funky, organic hip hop at its finest. A seamless marriage of unyielding, unapologetic urban poetry with an unflinching array of jazz melodies ala the Roots & Soulive.

bang data

From Samba-Ska-Cumbia and Electro-Bossanova to a Synth-Bass Heavy-Stooges infested beat. Melodic guitars and gritty bass, over bang electro-acoustic rhythms make this the perfect canvas for Deuce Eclipses bilingual rhymes and melodies. Bang Data’s sound is a hard driving futuristic vision of Latin Alternative music

the egg

Like New Order floating on a cloud. The Egg play live house, rocktronic, funk and ambient influenced dance music, using electronic and live instruments, video triggering, samples and live and vocoded vocals. Their music is inspired by artists such as Pink Floyd, Groove Armada, The Beloved, New Order, & Underworld.

jelly bread

Dirty ensemble chops, rich vocal dexterity, a pumping rhythm section and solid lyrical flows make a Jelly Bread show monstrously funktastic ! These cats are steeped in roots, wallowing in funk, and marinated in soul.

m.a.k.u. soundsystem

MAKU takes tradtional Colombian folkloric music screaming into the future, infusing it with psychedelic rock, punk, reggae and soul. Their unique, uplifting sounds are a Party for the People.

mexico 68

This 12 strong band of musicians juxtapose Chicano funk with the body moving and elucidating vibes of Fela’s polyrhythmic afrobeat.